Customizing Appointment Types 

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Just the Click of a Mouse gets you here from the Appointment Scheduler and Back again. You can Define up to 26 appointment Types ,  add Color Coding to your Appointments and Specify how long each type of appointment will be so Medpackę will block the time slots for you.  

DGM Software Developments Inc has designed our system based on feedback from the real experts...medical professionals like You!

If Medpackę seems to have EVERYTHING...well that's because we've been listening! If it is missing something, we'd like to hear from you even if you don't currently use our software, we will still listen to your suggestions. (Don't be surprised if you see your ideas come to life in our future updates)


Customizing Your Appointment Types, Color Coding and length of time for each type of appointment is simple....anyone can do this in only a few minutes.

Like all of the Medpackę system, Appointment Scheduling and Customizing it to fit your clinic is simple, easy to understand and does not require a degree in Rocket-Science to use.

You Really have to use Medpackę to Appreciate how very easy it actually is!