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Medpack-III's Appointment Scheduler, clear simple and easy to use.  You won't get lost or confused looking at a hundred tiny buttons on your screen.. It's all right there.

Switch days months or years at the click of the mouse or simply type in a date if you prefer. 

The Appoinment Scheduling system offers a LOT more than meets the eye including individual time scheduling for each Physician.  When making an appointment you can choose a time or let Medpack find the next available time slot..

You can even do billing from here and Medpack will automatically fill in most of the blanks for you and bring you back when you finish!  Something you have to see in action to appreciate.

Let Medpack-III's Appointment Scheduler find an opening in that busy schedule will search until it finds one the blink of an eye.

Three clicks of the mouse and you can move an appointment up an hour a day a month or a even few years. With Medpack-III adding and changing appointments is easier than writing them down!

Unlike some schedulers Medpack allows double booking and lets you set the time intervals. You can even set the maximum appointments you are willing to accept per day , even customize the appointment types.  We don't expect you to fit a mold!



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