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This Section is designed to help you solve some of the more common problems we've encountered with Windows 98 from past experience. Sometimes what looks like a major deal turns out to be a simple incompatibility problem.

Problem: I think I may have a virus!

Try This: you can also try or Call DGM Software Developments Inc. (709) 745-0781. We are experts in virus detection and removal.


Problem: My system is slow, seems to lock-up and my mouse is acting funny!

Try This: 

  1. Remove any screen savers and specialized wallpaper. 
  2. Select Start and Shutdown.
  3. Shut off your computer and restart it.

Sometimes these items take up too much of your system resources and can give the impression of hardware problems. 

Problem: My mouse disappears sometimes.

Try This:

  1. Right Click on "My Computer"
  2. Click on "Properties"
  3. Click on the "Performance" tab.
  4. Click on the "Graphics" button.
  5. Move the "Hardware Acceleration"  slider a little to the left.

Sometimes this will correct minor hardware or driver incompatibilities.


Problem: My mouse is acting doesn't "move" right when I use it.

A lot of the problem may just be "dirt"  Mouse pads get dirty and the small "ball" on your mouse is made of "gripping" rubber for maximum traction the problem with this design is that it also grabs DIRT and passes it along to three small wheels  inside the mouse.

The Good News is....You can fix this yourself ..It's easy and Simple. to see illustrated  steps to cleaning your mouse click-> Show ME!.



Problem: Pictures look lousy on the screen, graphics are not crisp!

Try This:

  1. Right click on a clear area of your Desktop.
  2. Click on "Properties".
  3. Click the "Settings" Tab.
  4. Click on the little triangle where it says "Colors".
  5. Select "True color 24 bit" or "True color 32 Bit". (A good Video card will support at least 24 bit true color, better cards support 32 bit!)
  6. Click "Apply".
  7. Click "OK".

Try your pictures, graphics or game again now.  It will probably look a lot better. However if you have an older monitor or low-end video card, then you may have to spend a little money to get good, clear graphics and pictures.


Problem: I'm having a lot of trouble with my new printer, even though I have a top-notch state-of-the-art computer!

  1. If your printer accepts a USB cable and you are using a parallel cable then switch to USB.  Nine chances out of ten, it's the cable even if a parallel cable was supplied. 
  2.  Most manufacturers don't supply any cable with their printer and those that do are aiming for maximum compatibility that's why even though they may know that USB will work better, they supply a parallel cable.  
  3. P.S. don't use a USB cable greater than 15 feet long, it probably won't work or may loose the connection between the printer and computer! USB cables are not designed for distances like serial and parallel cables.


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