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DGM Software Developments has been providing solutions to medical professionals now for over ten years.  Our software is designed to be simple and easy to use.

Currently DGM Software Developments offers two packages designed for the medical profession.  MEDPACK© and XRAY©

Medpack© is available for both DOS and Windows 9x,ME

Medpack© is a complete medical billing management system, from appointment scheduling to detailed financial reports.  Medpack offers fluid movement through all program functions and integrates easily with other software packages. Medpack is easily one of the most intelligent medical billing software packages on the market today! Designed for both the inexperienced and the well practiced users alike!

XRAY© is available for windows 9x

XRAY© is designed specifically for radiologists, it incorporates functional x-ray reports and the ability to export data directly to either MEDPACK© or the MCP Teleclaim© software for billing purposes.

It also includes complete history functionality so that reports can be re-printed or re-viewed at the click of a button. Eliminating tedious typing and filing.



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