DGM Software Developments offers a number of ways to purchase computer equipment! We accept most major credit cards.  We also offer personal and business financing, depending on your specific needs.  Whether you need a personal home computer or a complete business package, we can manage it for you and have you up and running without the financial hassle!

Personal Financing:

Key Benefits

No down payment needed!
Small monthly payments!
Save interest with early payment of loan!
Just one simple form to fill out!

What we can do:

DGM Software will handle the paperwork for you.  No line-up's, no salespeople dropping in, no meetings in stuffy offices! You need never leave your home/office. Just pick up the telephone and call the number on our home page, or if you prefer, send us an e-mail.

We can help you decide on a system that's best for you and within your budget. We are discreet and will let you know within 24 hrs of approval. We'll work very hard to ensure that you get the computer you want and financing your comfortable with !

DGM Software Developments makes it easy for you!  

Business leasing:

Key Benefits

Manageable monthly payments!
Claimable business expense!
Minimum cash outlay!

What we can do:

DGM Software Developments offers leasing through reputable a leasing company. We provide our clients with all necessary documents and we'll do the paperwork and legwork for you!  Our clients usually get approval within 24 hrs.   No red tape!

You're busy running a business, We understand that!

DGM Software Developments makes it easy on you and your business!

Fast, Efficient, Simple!


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