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Need a computer?, Tired of getting the "rocket scientist" treatment?

DGM Software Developments is ready to serve you. Your an important person and deserve to be treated as such!

We can provide you with a system that's right for you and your family, right down to to the financing!

We offer complete systems and can help you with decisions like what kind of printer to select, who is the best internet provider for your needs. 

We can provide you with options on your computer's configuration so you don't have to settle for that "all-in-one" deal!

You choose what you want. Our expert technicians will offer any help you need.  We've been in the business for more than ten years.  We know computers, we know printers and we know software!

Call us today at (709) 745-0781 and find out how important you are to us! We'll work hard for you and get you the computer you want!

Or e-mail us, tell us what you want  and we'll e-mail a quote back to you. simple!


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